Public Private Relationships and The New Owners of the means of Production

Telling a the local story of a global event in which the tate of Maine is transformed into the Maine Development Corporation

Examines the process through which the private ownership of the means of production is facilitated through public private relationships in which the public capitalizes the privately owned means of production through tax incentives , matching funds and refundable tax credits and in the process the public voting process is replaced with un-elected boards.


 For the last six years Mackenzie Andersen has been independently researching the history of Maine’s economic development statutes. Public Private Relationships and The New Owners of the Means of Production takes all the research she accumulated since 2009 and hones it down into a snap shot. The result is an new perspective on the history of Maine focusing on the years since 1979 when under the Longley Administration, the State of Maine began its transformation into the corporation of Maine.

In 1979 Governor Longley invited the heads of Maine Industry to take the leadership role in writing new statutes which would over ride the Maine Constitution’s prohibition against corporations chartered by special acts of legislation. Two corporations were chartered. The Maine Capital Corporation, a private investment corporation subsidized with tax credits and the Maine Development Foundation,which would design and function as activists for corporate development plans for Maine. That was the beginning of an ever expanding network of state corporations.

While this story focuses on the locality of Maine it is both a national and global story. It is both Agenda 21 and global capitalism as both are mutually compatible and both exemplify thinking globally acting locally. The Legislature and administrations of Maine justified the transformation of Maine from a state governed by the consent of the governed, a home rule state in which the Constitution permits local municipal referendums on bonds for economic development- to a state wide corporation governed by corporate bylaws and un-elected boards. The justification used to sell the new political philosophy is that other states are doing it and Maine must follow suit to compete.

The founders of the Maine Capital Corporation identified two primary goals, one of which was to eliminate public referendums. Public Private relationships and the New Owners of the Means of Production documents some of the innovative ways used by the Maine Legislature to achieve the goal of eliminating local public referendums.

The focus of the story line is Maine but folk wisdom deems that as Maine goes so goes the nation. The corporate state of Maine primarily focuses on leveraging capital as opposed to measurable wealth creation. It is no surprise that since 1979, there has been an exponential increase in inflation in the USA coinciding with Maine’s transformation into a centrally managed economy. Since the establishment  of Maine’s corporate state the gulf between the haves and the have nots in Maine has widened: Mackenzie Andersen  examines how the centrally managed economy organized by public private relationships works and mines its historical and political philosophic foundations.

The first two chapters and table of contents can be downloaded for free. In the first chapter Mackenzie defines her own take on conservatism and discusses the trans-formative Kelo vs New London Supreme Court decision so  praised by candidate Trump as to declare it “100 % correct”. Mackenzie begs to differ.  In the next chapter Mackenzie discusses Governor Seldon Connor’s inaugural speech and submits her own adjudication of what she identifies as a misinterpretation in the 1951 Opinion of the Justices.

Disinformation Distribution Runs Amuck in Social Networks Politicing in the USA !

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I don’t ususally comment on national issues but this national issue is just as strong in Maine as it is nationally- it is the new speech regulation climate and the occurence of social media directed hate fests against specific people which intentionally spread dis-information- in part relying on the fact that many people will only read a headline and do not click on the article supporting the headline- that makes spreading dis-information incredibly easy !

Take for example this story currently proliferated on FaceBook with a head line telling us that Jeb Bush “attacked” Fox News

Notice that the story in this link is based 100% on hear say but published on a website called “Truth Revolt”, Sadly “Truth Revolt”  is a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center – a once respected name. It seems to be a pattern that organizations using the name of respected luminaries do not live up to their namesakes. There is not an ounce of what can constitute truth in the story. No video of Bush speaking- no direct quotes- a link to a CNN news source also without direct quotes or video ! Just 100% spin based in an unidentified words spoken by Jeb Bush. The people putting this out probably know that most will not click on the link to find out that is what it is- they will just absorb the disinformation as fact !

The article states that  Bush “expressed annoyance”. Your guess is as good as any one’s on what words he said to qualify the description because the article isn’t telling you ! The article says Jeb Bush said he listens to Fox News- that was enough to spin Jeb Bush as “attacking Fox News” and for that headline to be distributed via social media as part of hate fest against Jeb Bush being conducted by the far right- supposedly the only conservative faction that operates out of principal. Exactly what kind of principal is that- one that perpetuates a characterization of a man based on nothing but unsourced hear say?

And what did Bush “express annoyance” about? Today’s political climate ” I have much stronger words than “annoyance” to describe today’s political climate- one of targeted hate against certain individuals based on nothing but hear say and intended to instruct their followers not to listen to anything that their targeted victims say ! This is straight out of nazi Germany or a science fiction novel ! Public hate fests based on hear say and propaganda! And speech regulation to boot- Don’t you dare criticize our tactics or we will conduct a hear say attack on you !

Bush said this before he announced his candidacy- so he knows the climate- he knows he is a target of that hate fests, and he still runs to serve his country! Bravo for his bravery !

After notes.

A diary of responses:

  • Gerald Kimmel Most liberals are annoyed by Fox News because they bring out the truth.

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    • Mackenzie Andersen However you have hit on the subliminal message of this propaganda. It is supposed to associate Jeb Bush with Obama in the way that Obama attacks Fox News. It’s at odds with another message being deliverd by this mind control collective- that we should reject Bush because he comes from a line of those who have served their country as president- If we are to reject Bush via associating him with his family name- the Bush’s never went after the press- in fact George W Bush was criticized for not doing so – some thought he should have fought back but that is not the way the Bush’s see it, a family who I would say have a gentle man’s code. They conduct themselves in and post office with respect for the office itself.

      So the propaganda can’t have it both ways- reject Jeb Bush because he is a Bush- and invent a story that Jeb Bush attacked Fox News so that he can be likened to Obama- if you are going to associate him with being a Bush then this invented story looks all the more ludicrous. The Bush family has a tradition of public conduct which does not include going after the press.